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We are a tight-knit team of experienced, business-minded professionals, dedicated to protecting and defending your company’s intellectual property rights.

From trademark and patent applications to litigation and online enforcement, we are responsive and friendly, guiding you expertly through the process to provide peace of mind for your business.

All of our attorneys have scientific or engineering backgrounds and are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

If your company’s intellectual property protection isn’t where you want it to be, contact us and set up a time to talk. We’d love to learn about your business, explain your strategic options, and work with you to secure your vital IP assets.

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We’ll Always Have Paris: PCT Applications and the International Patent Process
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A Short History Lesson In 1790, when Thomas Jefferson led the US Patent Commission, there was only one way for a US company to obtain patent coverage outside the United States. You had to file your patent application simultaneously in … Read More

The Clock is Ticking: What to do About Your Provisional Patent Application
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  Your company is going strong. R&D efforts are paying off, and innovation is in the air. You’ve filed a provisional patent application, which is often a great option if you’re short on time or still working out some features. … Read More

What to Expect: The Utility Patent Examination Process in the United States
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Your utility patent application has been prepared and filed. You’re probably wondering: “Now what?” What should you expect to happen? When will you hear back from the Patent Office? Great questions. Let’s take a look at the patent examination process, … Read More