“TJ Romano and his team at Kolitch Romano provided what I can only describe as outstanding advice and assistance in my efforts to register two trademarks critical to our corporate consulting brand and identity. The K-R team was thorough, kept me informed at each step along the way and worked closely with me to optimize the registration application so that it protected precisely what was needed.”

Jerry Vieira, CMC, of The QMP Group, Inc.

“For the record, the bilingual skill Shawn and Dave have is greatly appreciated. I refer to their fluency in ‘Science-speak’ in addition to ‘Legalese.’ It’s so valuable that they can understand and work with rough technical or scientific descriptions and ideas, and efficiently produce a legal document that’s still comprehensible to mere mortals. Our rate of progress is much accelerated, and the agony is greatly minimized as a result.”

Scott Wiedeman, Chief Scientist, Global Solar Energy, Inc.

“I contacted Dave Bourgeau to prepare a utility patent application. My project and the patent application have reached a successful conclusion, in large part to Dave’s credit.

In addition to being a friendly guy, he also responds immediately to inquiries, delivers on schedule, and he’s thoroughly acquainted with IP law and USPTO procedures.

With regard to my patent application, he managed to turn my two-page amateur provisional application into a flawless professional document that was detailed and organized in a manner far beyond my own capability or expectation.

This was my first experience with inventing and patents, and I don’t think it would’ve been successful without Dave’s counsel. Dave went above and beyond, and he has my highest recommendation.”

Majed Quaiz, Beaverton, OR

“It has been a pleasure working with Dave. He is kind, attentive and patient. Dave listens and comprehends well, grasping ideas and concepts the first time around. Now that our filing has been completed I am looking forward to continuing the patent approval process and later successful defense with Dave and his competent firm.”

Steven Ascher of SASCHER Corporation

“Tremendous work of writing. Amazing attention to detail while maintaining a broad descriptive approach.”

Corporate Client

“My husband and I had an invention, and that was about it when we found Dave Bourgeau. Dave was fabulous from the very first meeting. He took the time to listen to our idea and really understand what we were trying to do, which was not easy with the napkin drawings that we brought to him.

From that day, he has felt like a member of our family, guiding us through the steps to getting our patent and trademarks beautifully completed. He was on top of every deadline – kindly reminding us when we were getting dangerous close to missing one.

Dave is always incredibly quick to respond to questions. He even checks in to be sure that we are taken care of when we go too long without letting him know where our product is at in the creation process. I hope that anyone trying to get started with a business or working on moving an existing company forward is lucky enough to have Dave as a part of their team!”

Christie R. and John V. of Play’n Stash, Inc.

“. . . extremely capable and responsive.”

Corporate Client

“Dave rocks! When our organization was awarded a $10 million healthcare innovation grant, we knew we had to follow federal regulations about intellectual property. But we didn’t know where to start. Dave deciphered the rules, explained what we needed to do, and helped draft our IP-related contracts. He even came to one of our conferences and gave an entertaining presentation about trademarks, copyrights, and patents. It was a big relief to find a knowledgeable and friendly attorney to help us.”

Denyse T. at Frontier Medicine Better Health Partnership

“He not only mastered the invention quickly, but he really made the process easy.”

Corporate Client

“I’m a small business owner and an inventor. When I needed to get a patent application filed, I worked with Dave Bourgeau. He took the time to understand my invention, and then wrote it all up in a fantastic application. He explained everything I needed to know. I had total peace of mind, because he kept me in the loop every step of the way. I also really appreciated that he gave me an estimate up front and stuck to it. I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone who needs a patent attorney.”

Rob Roy at Recychedelic, Inc., Portland, OR